Welcome to Sultan Kite School Hurghada

Visit to Sultan Kite School Hurghada!

Just have come to Hurghada? What to do? Visit our kitesurfing centre “Sultan Kite School Hurghada” which situated  at one of the most comfortable lagoon in Egypt. This is most suitable kite spot in Hurghada where you can learn to kitesurf. Because only one kind of sports lets you to fly – it is kitesurfing.

Why choose Sultan kite?

 “Sultan Kite School Hurghada” is a team of experienced kite instructors. Since 2012 we have been running our kite-school Sultan Kite. We host kiters from all over the world for learning as well as practice. Our kite school are providing kitesurfing lessons. For the special kiters with their own equipment, we offer private lessons and supervision, tips and advice after a warm-up session and level check. We also offer a tailor-made service from the rental of high-class equipment and storage of your equipment. We focus on safety and quality so that you can fully experience the joy of kitesurfing.

Is it easy to learn kitsurfing?

It usually takes around a 3-4 days to learn the basics of kiteboarding and to ride your first few meters. In the beginning you will get acquainted with wind theory and first moves of school kite. Then our instructor will show you kite equipment, will lets you know how to prepare the equipment for use. Kiteboarding is an extreme sport so it’s important to conduct safety training. After these events you are completely ready  for you first kite launch. Now you will feel the real kite power and will understand why it is so attractive.

Where is Sultan kite spot?

Our spot is on the shore of long and comfortable lagoon in north of Hurghada beside the AMC Royal Hotel & Spa. Fresh and constant on-shore direction wind, flat middle-tided lagoon water, long quiet beach and a high standard service paired with the latest equipment are an optimal location for kitesurfing.

What we offer

Kite Safari Red Sea islands

Try UNICUE riding conditions for both experienced riders and students from zero level.
Receive UNLIMITED course of study from zero level – i.e. the student can spend an unlimited amount of time on the water, more precisely, limited by sunrise and sunset.
Test KITES Cabrinha, Nobile and KITEBOARDS Nobile, Crazyfly.
Get VIDEO&PHOTO shooting your kiting.
Spend your EXCLUSIVE full psychological rest – only sea, sun, wind, yacht and kiting.

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Kite Lessons

First phase of training – First hour:

  1. Safety instructions.
  2. Kitesurfing theory.
  3. Studying wind concepts: the theory of windshields, wind direction, the strength of the wind and the principles of movements.
  4. Techniques for kite training.
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Rental equipment

If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent from us. We have the latest in gear, well looked after and plenty of it. Our prices are competitive and we’re sure you’ll fly comfortably and safely.

We have wetsuits, neoprene shoes, caps, sunglasses and more.

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Kiteboarding Storage

Have you had enough of carrying your kiting equipment back and forth? We have a storage option for you. You can rent a space from us where your gear is stored safely, taken care of and kept dry for your next ride.

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Best Kitesurfing lagoon in Hurghada

We honestly can say our lagoon is the best lagoon in Hurghada for every kind of kiting. Torso depth and sandy bottom are for learning and trying tricks. No chops is for improoving your skills. Smooth water is for gaining experience. Comfortable dence and stable wind is for novices and for professionals also. Fields of deep water and nice ramps is for high jumps. Long marina is for making photos and videos. And of course proximity to the hotel and therefore to the public, who can appreciate your ability to ride a kite.

Have any questions or ideas?

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