Have you had enough of carrying your kiting equipment back and forth? We have a storage option for you. You can rent a space from us where your gear is stored safely, taken care of and kept dry for your next ride.

We would like to add a note on packing your equipment before travelling:

  • Kitesurfing kite bags have been getting smaller and smaller over the years. But a good bag that fits all your kitesurfing gear inside is worth its weight in gold. And if you can take one with wheels, even better.

  • Properly folding your kite becomes an important skill to have. Not only does it reduce the amount of time spent on the beach after a kitesurfing session, it also allows you to pack your kite more efficiently and reduces unnecessary wear and tear. While the technique may vary slightly, depending on whether your kite has a central deflation system, or uses a pump valve, the general approach will remain largely uniform.

  • Make sure your kite is completely deflated, including the tubes, and pack them tightly by rolling them from both sides and roll the leading edge up straight to prevent bladder twists. Make sure the main valve (with newer kites) is open in order for all the air to escape.

  • Always take off the fins, they can easily break off if your luggage is handled in the wrong way. Also, detach the foot straps and handle.

  • The weakest point in a kite pump is the hose. Simply take the hose of the pump and put it separately in the bag where it cannot be squeezed.

  • Make sure you don’t lose anything. Put your screws, fins and screwdriver in a small bag.

  • Put your gear into the bag in the right order. First, put the board in to stabilize the bag. Then put the folded kites and after this, pack the rest, fins, foot straps etc., in between the kites.

Please note that these are only some recommendations of fellow kitesurfers who are used to travelling with their equipment. Most kitesurfers find their own way to pack their gear efficiently in a way that suits them. If you have more useful tips, they are always welcome.

Take care of your kite and it will take care of you.