Egypt is an alluring place that almost everyone has dreamed of visiting at some point.

What better way of travelling can you think of then with your kite. The Red Sea is a unique exotic place with mesmerizing nature and landscapes that are untouched and it is the ideal place for kitesurfing due to the best wind conditions throughout the entire year, sunshine and nice water temperatures.

For years kitesurfers have searched for destinations that combine the mythical characteristics – strong reliable wind, untouched fine sandy beaches with rolling waves and plenty of space on the water. Have you ever dreamt about such a place? Look no further, you may just have discovered the best one on the planet.

When you join us on a kite safari you can say goodbye to the crowded beaches and mass tourism. You will say hello to expansive flat-water lagoons and pristine beaches. With about 16 to 18 guests per tour, you will have plenty of space to fly over the water.

You will swap firm ground under your feet for sailing on our comfortable yacht that will take you towards the horizon. Where the lagoon meets the ocean, you will find butter flat water and perfect waves in one place to glide on. The white sandy beaches of the islands are allowing you an easy and comfortable access into these lagoons crystal clear waters. Depending on the wind conditions, we will choose daily the best island. Tawila, Abu Mungha, Geysum, Ashrafi are just a few of them.

Kite safari in the Red Sea is one of those things that kiteboarders must experience at least once. A week on a comfortable yacht, taking you to deserted islands where you can practice your passion; kite surfing along with our professional guides.

We take care of every detail with precision.

We don’t have set days for safaris, so we are flexible and can arrange them whenever works best for you and upon availability of our yacht.

Don’t wait till the last second and give us a call or send us an e-mail and get set for the ride of your life. Our kite safari trips follow the wind and take you on an unforgettable journey through the best spots in the Red Sea. The wind is ready and the waves are rolling.