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Learn to kitesurf in the best place of the world. Constant winds through almost the whole year and warm waters made from our bay one of the best places in the world. We are located in the AMC Hotel in the El Ahya District in Hurghada.
Since 2005 we have been running Sultan Kite and providing kitesurfing and windsurfing courses and since a few years ago also kitesurfing safari’s.

We are a small team of experienced instructors having kitesurfers from all over the world in training and practicing as well. Kitesurfers of all levels can join us.The bay in front of the hotel is an optimal location for kitesurfing: flat lagoon water, quiet beach and a high standard service paired with the latest equipment.We focus on safety and quality so that you can fully experience the joy of kitesurfing. Here at Sultan Kite we love most of all the sensation of new adventures, like dropping into that perfect wave. Kitesurfing allows you to harness the power of both the wind and the sea, to ride at record speed, to jump to astonishing heights and to glide across the top of the waves.

Learning kitesurfing with Sultan Kite is a life changing experience. It might look unbelievable at first sight but kitesurfing can be learned quite fast and easily. Sun and the salty water on your skin, the wind blowing into your face and beautiful landscapes all around you, will hook you up within minutes.

It takes usually around a week to learn the basics and to ride your first meters. So why don’t you start right now? That you are a beginner, an intermediate or advanced kitesurfer wanting to polish your skills, Sultan Kite can offer you the right course that suits your needs. Learn or practice kitesurfing in a safe environment with our qualified teachers.

We also offer organized kite trips under the form of safari’s.
We offer a tailor made service from the rental of high class equipment, personalized sessions or courses and storage of your equipment.
For the high level kitesurfers with their own equipment, we also offer private lessons and supervision, tips and advice after a warm-up session and level check.

Sultan Kite has the perfect bay for learning kitesurfing, improving your skills, gaining confidence, independence and freestyle manoeuvres.
We are offering kitesurfers of all levels the best opportunities and conditions to allow them to experience a great time.

What we offer

Kite Safari Red Sea

Egypt is an alluring place that almost everyone has dreamed of visiting at some point.

What better way of travelling can you think of then with your kite. The Red Sea is a unique exotic place with mesmerizing nature and landscapes that are untouched and it is the ideal place for kitesurfing due to the best wind conditions throughout the entire year, sunshine and nice water temperatures.

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Kite Lessons

Wathching the riding of professional kiters you imagine and wonder theier skills manouvers and brave desperate tricks. Huge wish to learn riding is borning in your soul. We can help you manage this. Our instructors introduce kite for you train you and improve your skills in kiteboarding in our perfect lagoon with fit wind.

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Rental equipment

If you have no fit size of kite or any equipment with you by any reason at this moment we help to solve this problem. There are many kites and boards of famous brands NOBILE and Cabrinha at Sultan Kite School and any other kind of equipment like harnesses, wetsuits, neopren shoes, caps, sunglasses and etc.

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Kiteboarding Storage

We offer a service to store your kitesurfing equipment. This way you don’t to carry it with you every day. We assure you that your kitesurfing gear is well taken care of and you will find it dry the next day.

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Best Kitesurfing lagoon in Hurghada

We honestly can say our lagoon is the best lagoon in Hurghada for every kind of kiting. Torso depth and sandy bottom are for learning and trying tricks. No chops is for improoving your skills. Smooth water is for gaining experience. Comfortable dence and stable wind is for novices and for professionals also. Fields of deep water and nice ramps is for high jumps. Long marina is for making photos and videos. And of course proximity to the hotel and therefore to the public, who can appreciate your ability to ride a kite.

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